Friday, June 29, 2012

4D Sonogram video

This is a video I made with the pictures and videos from the last post
about Allen and Natasha's 4D Sonogram.
It will show Preslie's room 1st, the Sonogram pictures,the
video is next and then a shopping trip afterwards!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

4D sonograms of Preslie~ 6-18-2012

I was so honored today to get to go see my grandaughter-to-be Preslie today on 4D sonogram. 

Allen and Natasha waiting to go in to see
Preslie for the first time.
It was so amazing seeing her move, stretch, suck her thumb and even suck on her toes!! She spent the first 10 minutes covering her face from us.
Here are some of the still shots from the video.

This is looking down on Preslie.  You can see the top of her forehead,her closed eyes, nose and that is her foot in her mouth. 

This is a side view of her foot.

Here she is hiding her pretty little face from us! You can see the top of her forehead , 
her hand bent at the wrist across her face.

She did finally show most of her face.  The left side of her face is
blocked by the placenta or the umbilical chord

Look how much Preslie and her daddy favor already!

Again this is a top view of her forehead. You can see her eye , nose
and her open mouth with, yes, the foot in the mouth! LOL!

Preslie's beautiful little BIG foot

If you look closely, you can see her foot. Her nose is at the top right...
and its in her mouth again...

Yep...still in the mouth!

  You can see more of her sweet face here but her footsie is still there

This looks more like her hand in her mouth this time. 
bottom left is her curled up her mouth... her nose
over that and her closed eye

Think we are back to the foot again!!!

Here are a few very short videos of the 4d sonagram!

That beautiful sweet face! Can't wait to pinch those 
fat little cheeks!!!

That IS a foot in her mouth!  Watch her little chin moving
as she sucks on her toes!

Just about the sweetest little BIG foot I've every seen!

Here you can see here little nose and her toes once again in her mouth. Watch her little mouth going to town on those toes!

Love this little face so much already!   

This has been an amazing day! I feel so blessed that I was allowed to share
Allen and Natasha's special day!