Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Lady Behind the Camera

Anyone who knows me, is aware of how much I love taking pictures. Anywhere you find me, rest assured I will have my camera with me...just in case. Now that cell phones have cameras, that opens up even more opportunities to document my life around me.

Since my simply beautiful and amazing granddaughter has been born,I have already filled two photo albums,have some waiting to go into an album, have some on the way in the mail and many unprinted pictures on my computer. 

 It is impossible for me not to have a camera around this special little girl.  She has the most expressive face I have ever seen.  Her beautiful eyes are always dancing around trying to soak in everything moving around her.
(kind of like her Granny trying to absorb her surroundings through her pictures)

I often wonder if when she sees "Granny", she sees a "camera"?  

"Is that you Granny?"

 I am hoping that one day when she's looking through the many, many ,MANY photo albums I have, she may smile  and remember that I'm that silly lady that was always hovering over her, that captured all of those funny and amazing shots she's looking at. I pray she will appreciate the love and time I put into every shot.  I guess I'm hoping to leave my legacy of love through my pictures.

 I might be in very few of the pictures, but my heart and soul is in EVERY ONE of them. I'm the lady behind the camera.

Laura Brown 11-10-2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

Preslie's 1st Alabama Football Season 2012~ROLL TIDE BABY~

Alabama vs Michigan
September 1, 2012

~Alabama vs Western Kentucky~
WON 35-0

PRESLIE 3 weeks old

~Alabama vs Arkansas~
WON 52-0

2012 09-22
~ Alabama vs. Florida Atlantic~
WON 40-7

Alabama vs Mississippi State
WON 33-14

Alabama vs Missouri
WON 42-10

Alabama vs Miss State
WON 38-7

Alabama vs LSU
WON 21-17

Alabama vs. Texas A&M

LOST 29-24
(don't worry Preslie, it wasn't your outfit, lol)

Alabama vs. Western Carolina

Alabama vs Auburn

WON 49-0

S.E.C. Championship
Alabama vs. Georgia

Alabama vs. Notre Dame
January 7, 2013