Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's been a good day today!

 I am off from the ol' K and lovin' being at home! The rain has been falling most of the day, but I have loved seeing, hearing and feeling the drops fall.  I feel more energized to get things done around the house when it's raining.  
  One of John's friends sent us a sack of okra a few days ago.  I fried a bunch one night(talk about awesome...yuuuummm!) and decided to pickle several jars today.  
  I have come to love canning!  It's so relaxing and with the rain fallin' just made for a perfect day.  My tomato garden is winding down (except for the tommy toes...anyone need any???) I canned a few jars of regular tomatoes ,with the little that are coming in.  After cleaning up the kitchen, I admired those beautiful jars of bright green okra and deep red tomatoes.  Even though I look forward to eating all my garden treasures, the colorful canned veggies are just as great to look at.  I have an open shelf in the kitchen that I use just for displaying my garden jewels.  Salsa, spaghetti sauce, pickled peppers, bread and butter pickles, okra and tomatoes line the shelves. 
  Mother and Daddy stopped by to visit today, also.  Daddy always gives the horn a "toot" as they drive up into the driveway, so I can always tell when they are here. I love it when they come to visit. I shared a jar of pickled peppers and some raw okra with them. Mother and I are always sharing our goodies with each other.  She constantly surprises me at work by sending daddy in with a goody bag filled with her own baked treasures. My eyes always light up when I see Daddy comin' with a little bag in hand!!!  

Life is just so good...the simpler the better.  The name of my blog says it all...Livin' life, lovin' life...It's been a good day today! 

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  1. Yesterday was a good day for Daddy and Me getting to come and spend precious time with our girl at home. Your okra and tomatoes looked so delishous and so beautiful with all of the other jars of garden treasures you've canned this summer.
    I know tending a garden and working full time isn't easy but the rewards are many, aren't they? Also it keeps you outside in the great outdoors that you enjoy so much.
    We left your home with much more than we arrived with as you loaded us down with many treats as you most always do. As we waved goodbye, backing from your driveway, your pretty kitties stood around watching us leave...A perfect picture to keep in our hearts until next time.
    I love you,