Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The LONG anticipated event has finally arrived...ALABAMA football !!!  I have counted down to the first game for months and now it's here and the season is on!!!

  The game starts and neither of us rarely sit down through the whole game!  Side by side, in front of the television, we both stand, focusing on each and every play. We each make  a dash to the kitchen for a nibble of something, between plays.  Shouts of excitement echo through the house when there is a bad call, fumbled ball or an intercepted pass. A time out called and it's time for the bathroom dash!  
But ...when there is a touchdown,the "HAPPY DANCE" starts! (kind of like the Irish Jig!) Interlaced with shouts of victory we whirl around and make complete fools of ourselves! Who cares though, we are having a blast!!!  
  To many people, it's just a game, but to a REAL Alabama fan it's an event! My husband John and I so look forward to each and every game.  Our excitement builds through out the week.  We make it into a celebration each time we prepare to watch the game!  I prepare lots of snacks like chicken wings, nachos, shrimp, oysters, chips,dips...just to name a few.  Of course I have my Alabama attire on, as much as I can possibly wear!  Jersey's, T-shirts, earrings, bracelet, necklace, pants, scarf,hat, purse and of course red and white shakers!  John gets all decked out too!  He's a great sport!
  Of course attending a game is TOTALLY AWESOME!! You cannot beat the feeling that you get when you look out over the Crimson tide football field for the 1st time!  The roar of the fans is beyond anything I have ever heard!  You just get this intense excitement and feeling that your in the presence of something extraordinary! Wow!
  It doesn't matter where we are when the game starts, we have just GOT to be there, together!!! So far we are 2-0, and another game coming this weekend with Duke!  We will be SOMEWHERE to listen, or watch the game...and if I have to work? ...it will be DVR'd !!! My anticipation has already started!! I'm ready for some CRIMSON TIDE FOOTBALL, ROLLLL TIDE!!!

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