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Thursday, March 3, 2011

29 years ago today...

29 years ago today my son made me the happiest mother in the world!

...Many birthdays later...

Heather turns 9, Allen turns2

...and many candles blown out...

...So many balloons... many puppies and kittens... many cars (most intact)...

16 and hitting the road many birthday pictures...

3-3-2008 many presents...

...and funny faces later...

Christmas 2010

Allen still is and always will be my baby!

Happy 29th Birthday to my baby!!
You are my sunshine!
I Love you always!


  1. I sent the link to your blog on Allen's B-day to Natasha and Allen. I read once more your blog about Natasha's phone call. I cry everytime. She is so lucky that you love her so.

  2. Natasha is so easy to love. She is so precious to me and has a heart of gold. I could never have ask for a more wonderful daughter-in-law! She has an awesome mother that has definitely done a great job raising her daughters to thank for the amazing young woman she has become. Thank you for sharing her with me!!!
    That day was such a heart breaking day for all of us. I find my self tearing up all the time, when something reminds me of our little grand-angel. The other day at work I had gone back into our clothing stock room and found where I had hung back two little Alabama sweat suits. One for Shawn and a tiny one for our little grand-angel. I had a very sad moment but decided I would still buy both day we will have a little one to fit in it!
    I sent the link to them also, but I never know if they get it or not, so thanks for passing it on to them!! I may have gone a little overboard with all the pics of my baby for his birthday, but I sure do love my boy!! He'll always be my baby!!LOL! {{Hugs}}