Saturday, April 16, 2011

She wasn't just a cat...

On a hot summer afternoon in 1993, we decided to take a short family camping trip to Joe Wheeler State park, a state park not far from our home.  Along the drive into the campground of the park, we pulled over into a small opening that gave access to the lake.  A stray dog strolled back and forth along the shoreline.  It wasn't long until I heard a small cry.  I turned and saw a black shadow underneath a cedar tree.  I walked closer and heard a soft "meow".  A pretty black kitty was relaxing underneath the coolness of the shade.  Being a huge cat fan for the entirity of my life, I knelt down and reached out my hand...
it was then that Lacy reached out to our hearts .
 Someone had obviously dropped her, the dog and another grey kitty off to be left to their own defenses. I scooped her up and we took her to join us at the campground. I guess I never really thought she would stay their with us.  I figured she would stick around long enough to eat something then disappear.  But she chose to stay and Allen and Chris gave her a thorough going over with a flashlight, discovering that when they pulled back her hair she was actually brown, lol!

We had decided if she stuck around we would bring  her home with us.
She chose to stay and that's how our beloved Lacy came to our family.

How Lacy got her name, John and I still argue to this day who named her. 
But , "I" know who really did, {wink}!  She eased her self right into our lives.  Slowly, she won 
John's heart.  He had never been a huge cat fan, so it took a little more of her flashing those beautiful, golden eyes up at him to win him over.  But she did. 

From there she became a kitten making machine for a couple of years.  Poor thing had several litters 
of adorable kittens. Some where in the woods of  Lewisburg Tennessee, 
Chris says one of her babys Tack Cat, still roams! We finally did have her spayed.

Over the years she became a fixture in our household.  All the kids in the family grew up with Lacy.On holidays, everyone looked for her first.  She has been picked up, pulled by the tail, snuggled and cuddled with...  She has curled up beside us ,in our lap or even on top of us.

Lacy was always there when we had projects to do, Christmas trees to put up or flowers to plant. It didn't matter as long as she could be there with us.

She especially loved her time outside with John.  John is always busy in the yard cutting grass, raking leaves, washing cars or burning in his firepit .  That's where Lacy wanted to be. Perched on the tail gate of his truck, on the railing of the porch or on the ground at his feet, she'd monitor his every move.  

Her favorite project of all was the pond that John and I built, of course with Lacy's loving supervision.  From the moment we dug the first shovel full of dirt, until the last drop of water filled our pond, she was right there. We may find her curled up underneath the grass fronds surrounding the pond, sunning on a warm rock, watching a frog on the edge of the water or lapping up the cool water. As long as she was by her pond, Lacy was content.  This was her little piece of heaven! I've always called it Lacy's Spring.

Who would have ever thought, that the small, skinny black cat that someone had abandoned in a park, would have become such an important part of our lives? This wonderful little creature had become my comforter through hard times.  Always there to curl up in your lap when you needed a hug. A willing ear to listen when I needed to cry, and most of all a heart of love always there to waiting to give a quick pick me up or 
just be a friend.  Surely, God sent her to us... 

She wasn't just a cat. She changed and added so much to our every day . We will always see her resting next to her pond, always feel her little paws as she walks across our pillows to rest atop Johns head and always hear her soft purr as she curls up in our lap .  I can't even imagine what my life would have been like, if she hadn't chosen to be in it.  As we reflect on all our wonderful memories, we see that we have been blessed and highly favored for the past 18 years. 
 We will always love you baby girl! Your footprints will always be on our heart

In Loving Memory of



  1. Barbara Richey Butler wrote:I loved seeing some pics of Lacy that I've never seen, Laura. She was just such a beautiful Kitty, inside her little heart and on the outside. I've loved Kitties eer since I can remember and always had them in my arms since I was a little girl. Lacy eased her way into my heart early on and I miss her. This tribute is perfect..Job well done, baby.

  2. Oh sweetie....what a special blessing...I understand your love and compassion for Lacy so well! Strays seem to always make the best pets! We are so blessed God gave us animals to love that would love us back! RIP Lacy!
    Love you!

  3. My heart goes out to you. I am a lover of animals, and even though I don't have any right now, I have had, and lost a few. My baby Taffy was 19 when I lost her. They grow to be a part of us, just like humans-even more because they love unconditionally. Their eyes look into our souls.Lacy was loved and will be missed. Diane

  4. This is a great tribute to this beautiful girl. She had a long life and I too believe God blessed you with her.