Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Day with My Sweet Preslie 9-6-2012


A day with my granddaughter is a moment froze in time.
I watch her wrinkle up her nose and watch her eyes shine.
I count her little fingers so tiny and so sweet
and kiss the little sole's of her tiny little feet.

I look into her amazing eyes and sing a familiar rhyme.
Her daddy's favorite song, "You are my Sunshine"
She doesn't seem to care, my tune is off at bit,
She smiles ,she coos and seems to say
"Please Granny, don't quit!"


Though she's only weeks upon this earth, 
It seems she's always been,
A part of Granny's heart and soul
A tiny bit of Heaven.
by Granny Laura Brown 

Click below to watch a video of Preslie
(ignore her Granny's crazy baby talk, LOL!)


  1. Preslie is so very blessed to have you as her Granny! She is so beautiful and so precious! Prayers for a happy, healthy and wonderful future ahead! Much love to all of you!!


  2. I've watched this little video over and over many times and every time is like the first. Your love for little Preslie just shines through and tears come into my eyes just listening and viewing the special bond that she and her Granny are developing.
    The pictures of her are all the sweetest!! She is so bright eyed and alert for her age. I'm so grateful for God's answering prayers and sending Preslie Reagan to become a part of our Family.
    Ilove you sweet Laura.

  3. Laura,
    You have a certain knack for writing. This little poem about Preslie is perfect. It should be called "An Ode to my First Granddaughter".She's going to love it one of these days.