Monday, March 23, 2015

A Virtual African Safari..... yep...I'm an Addict...

So, I am not much of a traveler. I guess that is why I have grown so attached to these amazing virtual safari's. Who would have thought I would be able to hop in the back of this  land rover and ask questions to our amazing guides and they  weave in and out of the African bush to show us the awesome wildlife live.?! We see a small dung beetle , hyena, lions, leopards,elephants and so many more beautiful creatures. We even snap screen shots of all the wonderful sightings!
We have experienced excitement as we witness the birth of a baby wilder-beast, held our breath as an elephant charges and attacks Marc Weiner "Jigga" vehicle and cried as we watched as cub was snatched by hyena as we watched in horror.

My only bucket list entry is to go on a real African safari in awesome would that be!

Going on safari in one of South Africa’s wild places usually requires quite a lot of planning, time and of travel cost. Even for South African bush enthusiasts, it is not always possible to head out into the wilderness at a moment’s notice to enjoy all that our country’s game reserves have to offer… until now! Join us as we explore the concept of a ‘virtual safari’, where all the excitement of a real-life game drive is streamed directly to any mobile device, and whether you are in New York or Timbuktu, wildest Africa awaits, at the touch of a button.




KARULA ~Queen of Djuma

Karula as a cub

MUVULA~King of Djuma

QUARENTEEN~ Karula & Mavula's son

KUNYUMA~Karula & Muvula's son


Video of elephant charging Marc Weiner's 
Rover "Jigga"



with Scott Dyson 3-28-15

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