Thursday, April 21, 2016

Remembering Kmart 3848 Florence Alabama March 2016

I look back over all the years here at Kmart 3848, and see a slide show of beautiful faces flashing before me. I cannot count the amazing people that have come into my life through our store. My heart can’t be any fuller than it is now, to have known, and loved each and every one of you.
We have been through so many emotions together:
From laughing so hard our belly aches … 
to crying until we have no more tears left to cry.
We have shared many personal moments together:
Beautiful weddings, adorable babies, new friends, retiring friends, broken hearts, broken marriages and the loss of dear friends.
I have never thought of Kmart as a real job… it has been my life, my family. I will not find another place that has such a closeness and fierce protection of one another. I cannot imagine my day to day life without each of you sharing it with me.
What an amazing journey this has been! Like we have heard over and over, “A new door will open” for each of us. We will step through, and begin a new chapter in this book of life. I hope, our paths will continue to cross, now and again. Thank you so much for the time we have shared together.
I love you all, and until we meet again, dear friends.
Laura Brown
Kmart 3848
March 20 2016

Final walk through on closing day video

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