Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another BEAUTIFUL Saturday, filled with fun , excitement and anticipation!! Getting ready to can , probably, the last Jalapeños of the season, 

while watching Game Day and a day full of College Football! The "BIG ONE" being at 7:00PM!

{A few hours later}

A word of wisdom from someone who should have listened to her own words of wisdom...NEVER attempt to cut up Jalapeños when you have cuts on your hands, and at the same time touch ANYWHERE around ones eyes! Burn Baby Burn!!
{A few hours later}
 What a game!! My boys made Gatormeat out of Florida!
Nothing like an evening with my husband as we cheer on the Tide!

Happy Dances,good eats and the Jalapeño burn is gone...
That's the way we like to ROLL with the TIDE! 

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