Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All we need is love...

After a rather exhausting day at work,I was called to our customer 
service desk at work.
As I arrived I was told that "these" were delivered for me.  There on the back counter sat a BEAUTIFUL vase filled with white lily's, yellow mums, lavender daisy's and peach roses! Reading the card, I see my AWESOME son has sent them!

What a great way to 
 bring this grueling work day to an end!! 

Mother and Daddy came up to share a Valentines/Anniversary dinner with John and I. I cooked up a "mess" of fried oysters, scallops, boiled shrimp, hushpuppies,deviled eggs and slaw! We all enjoyed sitting down sharing Valentine cards, stories and a yummy meal together ! 8 years ago today, Mother and Daddy shared a meal with us for Valentines Day and John and I announced we had remarried! A series of bad choices led to a short separation from each other. 
 But with God's healing, John and I  back together closer and more in love than ever!  
  Tonight, John called everyone to the table to give me my anniversary gift. A lovely green bag with Grogans written across it was sitting next to the beautiful flowers Allen had sent me!  My first thought is "WOW!"  Grogans is a VERY nice jewelry store! I Pulled out a pretty green wrapped box and proceeded to tear the paper away.  A lovely wooden box emerged and as I opened the lid! Expecting a bracelet or necklace maybe, a GORGEOUS solitaire diamond engagement ring glistened from within the box.  I was astonished and happy! Tears in my eyes and in Johns also , I hugged John tightly! 
It meant more to me this time, than the first one he gave me nearly 16 years 
ago that was lost.  John and I are soul-mates and best friends.  We finish each others sentences and love to spend every minute together possible! 
I thank God for second chances! 
Finishing this amazing day off with Mothers Chocolate Trifle Cake,
 made the day even sweeter!!!
I have an amazing son, husband and family!What an amazing day this has been! 

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  1. I just put my mascara on and decided to check my email.Now I have to re-apply my mascara because I cried the first batch off. I am so happy for you and John and all your family and its blessings.May God continue to bless all of you!!!!!