Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Present Ever...

 Christmas has always been a very special time for our family.  The hustle and bustle electrifies the whole house.  The smells of the kitchen swirl through the house,tickling and tempting everyone's nose! The sounds of opening doors, welcome a wonderful piece of our amazing family puzzle into the house,one by one.

"Merry Christmas," "Hello everyone," and other greetings echo through the house.       The pitter-patter of little feet rush in and out, stopping only to grab a yummy treat now and then to resupply their endless energy!

This year we were blessed with the first white Christmas in most of our recent memories.
  Snow always seems to make even the eldest of us to feel like we are a child again.  Giggles, screams and laughter bounce around the yard as tots, teens and adults scramble to grab a handful of snow to carefully mold into that perfect snowball.  A perfect plan of attack is established and many unprepared souls are bomb-barded , by these beloved family members that claim to care so much,HA!

  Snow covered faces,clothes and hair...broken bits of shattered snowballs...tiny and large footprints, along with the occasional snow-angel appear throughout the beautiful Christmas snow-scape.

  We have an extremely large family and extended family. However, no matter how many new additions we have each year, we always have room for one more.                                    
  We have opened our family to many wonderful people through the years. Extending to each one an honorary membership into our blessed family unit. Friends of daughters, sons, nieces , nephews, mothers, daddy's : It doesn't matter who you may be , your accepted, included and loved.
  It is always crowded, shoulder to shoulder, loud and confusing. Still, the love and closeness of one another always wins out over all the chaos.

This year my Christmas came to an ultimate high!  While exchanging and opening gifts with our kids, I grabbed a small flat box with a pretty bow on top.  It was addressed to me from Allen and Natasha.  I casually scan around the room watching the kids open their gifts. I take the top off my box and pull out a tiny soft green, object. Inspecting it more closely, I read in colorful stitched letters" I LOVE GRANDMA" 

I turn towards my son Allen to be met with his sweet smile and a nod of confirmation and then to my dear daughter in law, Natasha who also confirms my joy with a smile and a nod just as sweet. I'm going to be a GRANDMOTHER!

  Time stopped as I jumped to my feet share the news to everyone.  I held the tiny bib up high for Mother and John to see! Their eyes grew wide with excitement!  The news spread across the household like a wild fire! I can't remember how I got there(maybe I floated), but I was in Allen and Natasha arms.  I can't even remember the exact words that were said , but I do remember the love , joy and happiness we shared through the tears and laughter!  
The rest of the family filed into the room wanting to share their happiness with the new mother and daddy to be.  
  The rest of the evening I was on the highest of highs!  My heart was overflowing with such love for these two wonderful young people for blessing ME with a new grandchild !
Me...pregnant 1982
  Now that I have had time to reflect, I remember holding my hand on my tummy and feeling that tiny life kick inside of me.  There is no other sensation like it in the world when that tiny foot pushes from the inside out.  A kick to the ribs every now and then, kept me on my toes! LOL! 

Knowing that the tiny life growing inside was part of ME, was such an awesome feeling!  Now, MY baby Allen and his dear wife Natasha will be able to experience that same undescribable love.  My ♥ cannot be any fuller than it is right now!
Mommy and Allen 3-1982
Allen Christmas morning 1982

                    To say that this was the best Christmas ever, is only comparable to MY baby's 1st Christmas in 1982. I remember his sweet face and eyes lighting up as he toddled towards the tree on his first Christmas morning.  His eyes sparkled with amazement and wonder!                                                                 

  Allen and Natasha have so many amazing moments to look forward to themselves, and I will be blessed to be able to share in many of those moments with my grandchild-to be!

A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for
 three years and in your heart till the day you die~Mary Mason~

  Next year when all the hustle and bustle starts and the smells of Christmas cooking fill the air, there WILL be room for one more tiny little person...adding another limb onto this WONDERFUL family tree! 
"A grand adventure is about to  begin!"                          ~Winnie the Pooh~ 

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