Thursday, January 12, 2012

Childhood memories

I think we all enjoy reminiscing about the things we remember about our childhood. These are a few of those things that make me smile.
(I will add more as I find check back now and again)


Banana seat bicycle  

Rotary far we've come to the cell phone

Chrissy doll...Pull her hair out and it grows .
I had Velvet , my sister had Chrissy many bruised arms

Me and my BLUE HIPPO in 1971...
Like my fancy pants?

Dawn dolls...I had quite a collection at one time

Every little girl had to have one of these

This was huge then and still a hit today...
even though we have the IPad now

Malibu Barbie and Ken
A musical jewelry box with a ballerina
Lite Brite...still a classic today

Record player/jukebox...with flashing
lights and all.  Spent alot of hours in front of this
dancing and singing
Little Kiddles...had quite a few of these
 sweet smelling, cute little dolls
Hands Down game

Sill Putty~Great for pounding out on the Sunday comics and
making copies!  I loved to make my teeth imprints in it...I know
I was weird
Moon Maid~ My sister Lisa had this
doll.  Quite a rare doll today

The Incredible SLINKY

The Farmer Says

Baby Dancerina...still have this sweetie
but minus her little blue tutu

Hours of fun with the Spirograph

Tinker toys

I had this too...but I don't recall
what it was called

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Pet Rock
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Johnny and Jane West Dolls and horse

Rubik's Cube
We all wanted Farrah Fawcett hair  
Mattel's Swingy Doll

Vintage 1971 Small PLAIN MOOD Ring Hard to Find Adjustable
The Mood Ring
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Tin Doll house
My sister and I used to make these!
My sister and I made these
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Planet of the Apes
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Little Kiddles~Loved the sweet smelling little dolls
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Mystery Date...How many times did we open that door
hoping to find our future husband?

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Black Trans-Am...Bandit Edition...Always wanted one of these!

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Fondue Pot

Tumblestone Making Kit sold in 1971
Rock Tumbler...I remember this running for hours and
days in our bathroom

G.I. Joe....My brother had several of
these and I would borrow them
 to play with my Barbies

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  1. I really enjoyed seeing these "oldies", again.
    I can still see you, Lisa, Greg and later on, my youngest,Heather enjoying hours of play with these and many other especially loved toys.
    Bring us some more "oldies"!
    Love you,

  2. That was great! So many things I had forgotten. Blog On!!!