Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Dreamed of Fairies

I recall as a young child, being drawn in to the mystical world of the fairies.  
As far as I was concerned there WERE  fairies...period. 

My mother, grandmother and aunt told me stories of the 
fairies from the very beginning. 
But, I knew for sure, they lived in my grandmother's back yard. 

My sister, brother and I would spend hours planning out
how we would construct a tiny little town just for the fairies to use for their celebrations on that night . 

My sister and I in my grandparents back yard building a fairy palace.
Can you see the little light figure between us?
Hmmm...could this be a fairy????

We used the soft, green moss we found growing beside 
the house in the shade or growing underneath the huge oak tree to use as carpet in our palace.  The tiny pieces of broken glass became the beautiful dance floor. Purple violets, wild clovers, and rose petals decorated our tiny creation.

 We collected colorful pieces of broken glass, acorns with their little caps, pecan shells, tree bark,dis-guarded match sticks,bottle caps, smooth rocks,tiny sticks and marbles to construct our fairy palace.

As it became dark we would get jars from my grandparents and dash outside to catch fireflys (we called them lightening bugs).  We would leave a jar out side by our  fairy creation so they would have a light to dance by

I dreamed of fairies dancing under the huge trees.  I could see their iridescent wings shining in the moonlight and the  fireflys flashing their magical light show as they twirled,spun and danced on our colored glass floor to the sound of tiny flutes and harps.

They were friends of the
insects and animals from the woods behind the house, and they rode on them around the palace we had built for them singing and laughing.

 I imagined them tip toeing through the soft green moss we had carefully chosen and layed for them, then crossing the matchstick bridge to take a cool dip in the bottle cap pool or a hole we had dug and filled with water.

I guess I even dreamed of catching one in the jar I had caught the firefly's in.  So I could watch them fly around with the firefly's.

I can still see through my eyes as a child  even today as I think of the fairies.
Magical, mystical and enchanted...

 The imagination of a child is all still seems so real... 
but, it was, wasn't it?


  1. What a wonderful venture back into your, and my own childhood to visit the World of Fairies!
    It is just amazing and such beautiful pictures that are so realistic. I love when my own thoughts go back to watching you all using your excessive imagination(which I admit I did influence) building fairy homes with walnut shells for beds and rosepetals for covers to keep them from being chilled. I'm very proud that you each had that special imagination that needs nothing but nature to inspire it.
    I love this as you know! Mother
    I can remember seeing in my own mind lightning bugs and butterflies flying all around the yard with fairies riding on them.

  2. Ahh, Laura,
    What a delightful journey back into your childhood world of lovely
    fantasy. yes, I admit to having a big part in instilling the love of
    fairies in your imaginative little minds. My mother told me about
    fairies and I have shared stories about them with your mom)my little
    sister), and years later with my own two children.
    today it seems to be frowned on to tell children fairy stories because
    it might be detrimental to their mental ability to separate fact from
    fiction. If that 'isn't the most stupid idea ever. Innocent little
    fairies who only brought magical wonder, fun and laughter are much
    kinder to mental growth than the gross and horror stuff children are
    bombarded with today online, in books, movies, and real life

    CHildren have this wonderful ability to create their own magical world
    of lovely creatures and beings that live in the beauty of nature and
    revel in the mystical loveliness of a moonlit night with moonbeams
    streaming thru he trees to light a mossy circle where tiny fairies had
    a party. Grownups make their escape from reality in many ways..some
    not so good.
    I have seen my children on their` knees peering out into the dark
    backyard for fairies. It should be apart of every child's life. No need
    to worry about the kids not knowing fact from fiction. Fact is usually
    harsh and ugly. Fiction can be anything you want it to be. As the child
    grows up the line between gradually sharpens and th child just knows
    the difference. But tucked away in the memory are some lovely memories
    of making friends with the fairies. Only a child can see them..a child
    that believes. Part of me is still a child, I think. I looked at the
    illustrations on your blog and my own memory took a quick journey t MY
    childhood, oh, so long ago.There in a secret space is a lovely world of
    make believe,where fairies ride on Luna Moths and slide on moonbeams an
    swing on a crescent mon, and drink from cups made from tiny flowers, and
    drank punch made from dew gathered from roses.. fireflies flew about
    giving light for the festivities.

    yes, only believers are allowed a glimpse into that secret magical world
    of fairies. DOn't grow up too fast so that you leave the lovely dreams of
    childhood lost in a dark jungle never to be found again.
    Aunt Poo (Ruth Martin)

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