Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter memories from the mouth of a babe...

Allen and Heather for Allen's 1st Easter
April 1982

Since Allen was a born I always kept a baby book , trying to record every milestone he tripped over or conquered.  My mother did the same for me too, so I carried on the tradition !  I don't have the best memory in the world so thankfully I did write down many memorable moments as he grew up! 

Allen naps on his first busy Easter 1982
Allen Easter picture 1982

 With this being Easter I wanted to share one of those funny times from Easter 1985 straight from his baby book, he was only 3.

" Nanny(my mother) gave you your 1st pair of black dress shoes a few days before Easter. You put them on immediately but slipped and fell to the floor because the bottoms were slick.  You jumped right back up and said "Oh Mommie, they are slippers!"

 Easter morning you were getting ready for your 1st time in an actual church service.You put on your shoes again, but this time your face lit up and you said, "Mommie, these are Jesus shoes!"

Allen in his "JESUS shoes"
   You and I picked your aunt Heather up and proceeded to church. We went in and took a seat.  the organ immediately started playing.  You sat up quickly and looked around with wide eyes. " Shh Mommie, I hear Jesus!"
   I hate to say it but you began to act up and I had to take you out of church.  You hunted Easter eggs later at Nannys!

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  1. Sweet, sweet words from the mouth of a Babe. Allen is so much like you dear Laura You said some of the cutest,most precious things, too. Some things he said will slip away in your memory, but the flavor will always remain in your heart.