Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Grand baby on the way

So, I have a new grandchild on the way, and I am SUPER excited!!!
I know I may seem to be a little giddy...well, I am !  
I have a right to be!
There's a tiny little new person growing right now and 
will begin a new chapter in 
all our lives soon. I am counting the days...135 days until due date
( in case you haven't checked the countdown clock at the top of my blog page lately)
I so, already love this tiny little person! So be prepared to be
bombarded with
grand baby stuff for some time  now!!


Baby Broadfoot 2-14-2012

Little Baby B's heartbeat!

Allen and Natasha

Allen's 30th birthday with his beautiful wife Natasha
carrying my grandbaby to be 3-3-2012

Proud Grandmother's to be...
Karla( http://karlawithakg.blogspot.com/ )
Karla introduced me to blogging!

Two white lines between legs means...IT'S A GIRL! 3-22-2012


Our little girl's foot 3-22-2012
These are her little hands and arms

 Allen and Natasha went shopping after they found out it is a girl! 
Notice all the elephants! 3-22-2012

Kelly surprised me at work with these on 3-23-2012 after we found
out we are having a girl

Allen and Natasha have chosen a name!

meaning of the baby name Preslie

meaning of the baby name Reagan


  1. Oh, you are wonderful. This is a great blog; and I play a supporting role. Blog On!!!!

  2. You were my inspiration to start blogging, Karla! But guess what? We BOTH play a supporting role in this beautiful little life that will be making a grand entrance into our lives in 4 more months! I feel so very blessed to have such an amazing daughter-in law to be my grand-daughter's mother. And I am blessed to share being a grandmother with her wonderful mother!!