Monday, August 20, 2012

The Day is finally here!




Allen telling us they may hve to move Natasha for a have a C-section

 Nervous Daddy awaits news about his little girl

They are moving her

Doctor prepares

Moving Natasha to prepare for c-section and delivery


Our first long anticipated look at 
Preslie Reagan Broadfoot

Proud daddy

Foot print time

"Hi little girl, I'm your Daddy!"

" Look Preslie...see all those crazy people out there?  That'syour family!"

"Oh No! Your kidding Daddy!?"

Daddy  takes care of Preslie's... first....umm?
 Yep that's what it is!!
Doctor check in on his newest delivery

My precious Preslie Reagan

Swaddling little Preslie

Trying to show her how to nurse

The proudest Granny in the world!

Beautiful mommy and daughter

There's my Roll Tide baby!

Jarrod practicing for his little girl in 2 months 


Aunt Chelsey


I planted this red maple tree that Allen and Natasha gave me for Mother's Day in honor of
Preslie's grand entrance to the world on her birthday!

Daddy and daughter having some bonding time

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  1. I caught myself holding my breath as i looked through these wonderful, intimate pictures of Preslie's birth. What a lucky little Girl she is to have all of these people at her very First birthday Party! But how very Blessed this Family is to welcome our darling Baby Girl into our Family circle. WELCOME PRESLIE!!