Thursday, August 9, 2012

The day is nearly here

The day is nearly here that I have been counting down for months now.
Sweet Preslie, my granddaughter-to -be will soon make her grand entrance into this world.
It's amazing what a difference a tiny little girl can make before she is even born.  I have found 
that I already love this little girl more than I could ever imagine. I find my self imagining 
what she will look like.  Her 4D sonogram gave us a small glimpse of  her sweet little face, not to mention her adorable little foot in her mouth, lol! 
I have been reflecting back to when I was carrying her daddy 30 years ago. One couldn't
tell if we were expecting a boy or a girl at that time.  It was always a big surprise. We lived in Nashville at that time, so his daddy could go to 
the auto diesel college there.  We had found an upstairs apartment that was as 
big as a shoe box and had the bare minimum as far as furniture went.
While Allen's daddy went to school and worked a part time job, I was
left alone most of the time. We did have a very sweet landlady that I visited with downstairs. Finding things to occupy the time was difficult at first.
I taught myself to cross stitch to some degree and made a wall hanging for our little one to be, 
minus the name and date, I finished that after he was born. 

 I doodled and drew alot also.  I can look at these doodles and I see so many different phases of my pregnancy. Below is one of those doodles. He was first due between February 14th - 18th, I craved 3 Musketeers, The names I had chosen float around the picture. My prenatal vitamins, the hospital he would be born at, my "pee" bottle for doctor visits, the food I ate, the little brown dresser, the afghan our landlady crocheted for him, the $$$$ we didn't have, a rake  because I raked the landlady's yard for exercise , the maternity shirts I wore, a picture of what our little one would look like... things I might have forgotten if I hadn't been a doodler! The apple even reminded me that the night before he was born , 
I had eaten an apple...

 Eventually, my parents and sister brought us a
black and white television. It only picked up a few channels but it was a 
very welcome thing.  Back then Richard Simmons was the fad and I exercised
daily with him in front of the black and white television to insure a healthy baby and mommy.
Maybe he was always a little crazy, but he was very motivating and helped me 
through some long days!
(you can see above my version of me exercising to Richard) 
I also got hooked on the soap opera "As the World Turns". That's where I came
up with the boy name for our baby! LOL!
Allen Miachel Spalding was a major character on the show. 

Another of my doodles that was actually quite accurate! On the back of this picture I had written a
a short poem...

So after eating that apple on March 2nd 1982, I started having labor pains.  I remember riding to the hospital laying with my head in his daddys lap, and moaning as we went over railroad tracks.
A few hours later we had a 8 pound 5 ounce, 21 inches long, little boy at 4:55am on March 3rd.

Though now days we have all this fancy new equipment to determine the babys sex and show you amazing pictures of your baby in the womb, I thought what I got was pretty amazing back then. 

A simple heart monitor showing my little boys heart beat and my contractions.

And now 30 years later, my baby boy is about to meet his own little creation.
I get to meet my 1st granddaughter...
I can picture her with her daddy's blonde curly hair and her mommy's beautiful smile.
She will be beautiful and amazing no matter what.
Dear have an amazing family that can't wait to meet you!
Your granny Laura sure does love you!


  1. How exciting these remaining days! We just can't wait to meet Little Preslie. You're going to be the best Granny.....well, after Granny, that is. :) Love you!

  2. It really is almost here. I am getting excited. You have done such a great job documenting the months we have been waiting. I stole your counter for Malorie and Callie. I did the Alabama football with it also.
    BLOG ON......